Patfrigate is dedicated to provide quality Intellectual Property services to our domestic and international clients. We deal in matters spanning vast spectrum of Intellectual Property Rights

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About Patfrigate

Patfrigate is dedicated to provide quality Intellectual Property services to our domestic and international clients. We deal in matters spanning vast spectrum of Intellectual Property Rights like Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Digital Economy IP rights. We give priority to every step of your Innovation and extend our expertise in Intellectual Property services. Patfrigate holds diverse experience in patent related scientific domains like Engineering, Biotechnology, Life sciences, Chemical sciences, Business Methods and Software technologies. Thus, adding an extra vantage to your existing IP portfolio. Our IP Valuation and IP Audit methodologies serve to be essential for estimating the worth of your business IP assets. At Patfrigate, we understand the needs and requirements of Large enterprises,SMEs and various Start up ventures. Thus, we aim at providing extensive and elaborate IP Strategic Advise through our panel of experts. Our goal is to provide maximum support to your innovation, securing your Intellectual Property assets and keeping you at the forefront of business fraternity.

Solutions Offered

You Can See Here A List Of The Services We Offer:
Patentability Search

Your Invention is valuable to us. Before approaching to file a patent application, it is highly recommended to conduct an extensive and thorough Patentability or Prior Art search. Our Patentability search will encompass data like granted patents under relevant technology areas, published patent applications and non-patent literature published worldwide which could potentially affect your patent application.

Freedom To Operate

Patfrigate will closely monitor whether your proposed invention will infringe upon the existing patents. Depending on the priority and the probable markets of your product, we will scan the domestic patents or the patents granted in other international destinations. We will particularly analyze the claims of relevant patent applications and provide you with a suitable opinion.

Patent Landscaping

Patent Landscape analysis aims to target the white space available for a successful and hassle-free technology implementation in a particular geography.

Patent Due Diligence

We provide Patent Due Diligence support in order to benefit our clients before venturing into any patent portfolio acquisition, business merger or Intellectual Property licensing deals. It is necessary to have information handy before going into any business collaboration. This information includes patent inventors, patent worth, registration status, confidentiality, non-disclosure agreements, licensing in or licensing out deals, license agreements, third party agreements, current IP portfolio, infringement details, etc.

Patent Drafting

Our experts will closely work with you to understand your invention and drafting the most essential and relevant set of claims for your proposed invention. Understanding the intricacies of the technology and designing the most appropriate set of well structured claims is our prime objective. We will assist you in drafting provisional and non-provisional patent applications.

Trademark Services

Trademark Search

Trademark Registration

Trademark Check

  • Patentability Search
  • Freedom To Operate
  • Patent Landscaping
  • Patent Due Diligence
  • Patent Drafting
  • Trademark Services

Some of our Clients

Some of the clients we've worked with:

Sum Wagering
H4 Happy
Voiceover toolbox
WOD toys
BullDog Lighting

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